Check in anytime between Nov 4-18, 24/7. . . .

Don't miss our On-Line Party beginning November 4th. It will be LIVE 24/7


4 responses to “Check in anytime between Nov 4-18, 24/7. . . .

  1. Good for you Andrea! How do you like it? I just got a Wacon Bambook which uses Corel Painter, but mostly it’s to use the stylus instead of a mouse and avoid thumb & wrist abuse.

  2. So true. And it’s great to keep evolving by learning new skills and experimenting. That’s part of the joy of doing creative work. It’s great to surprise yourself. I’m having fun making different sorts of pictures in Photoshop–only because I took a class to challenge myself and learn a new skill.

  3. Thanks Bonnie. I guess we re-invent ourselves out of what life dishes out. And in the process we discover that outside the box is a better place than trapped inside it! But if I’m lending you a helping hand, that pleases me no end!

  4. Bonnie Kelley-Young

    Anne – you have had so many evolutions as a writer – it’s fun to see the different faces your characters wear, and in a strange way, it gives me – as an adult – permission to reinvent myself as well – I think we all get stuck at times thinking of ourselves in a certain way – perhaps like the style you used when drawing the Boy Who…, and yet you have allowed yourself many different styles, and your artwork spanned a wide spectrum, (and age groups I might add) – somehow providing inspiration to followers of your work to think outside of the box for themselves as well. Thank you for that. I have many incarnations left to go 🙂

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