Timeless themes for picture books

This is the first time I’ve caught a book trailer several months ahead of its book release.

This is for G. Brian Karas‘ upcoming book, Neville (coming from Schwartz & Wade Books October 2011). He’s teamed up with author Norman Juster (The Phantom Tollbooth), a charmed pairing!

Little kids covet their security of home with family, and friends. Safe boundaries! That’s why moving to a new home rattles them to their innermost core. Neville gives us one child’s perspective on this event.

Book trailers can be the ultimate way to promote and create buzz for books. And don’t miss Brian’s application of Google’s 3D drawing app, SketchUp, as a tool in visualizing his drawings of Neville’s neighborhood.


2 responses to “Timeless themes for picture books

  1. Google 3D drawing app, SketchUp…..anyone have experience with this media method?

    P.S. Love the use of 30 sec trailors for promote.

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