On the media, both art and viral

Erin Stead uses her book trailer to demonstrate the medium she used — woodblock printing, combined with pencil sketching — when preparing the illustrations for her Caldecott-winning book, A Sick Day for Amos McGee. Text was custom-written by her husband, illustrator Philip Stead, with Erin’s distinctive art style in mind. You can see both of them at work in their shared studio. The collaboration continued as work progressed.

cover from "A Sick Day for Amos McGee"

Youtube.com has become an invaluable media resource for promoting books. Some of us got wind of the Caldecott winners that way, via two irreverent-yet-highly-literate rodent children’s book reviewers from Rat Chat Reviews.

Here’s a book trailer for the Caldecott Honor book, Interrupting Chicken, written and illustrated by David Ezra Stein.

spread from "Interrupting Chicken"

Bryan Collier discusses art materials used in creating his  earth-toned multimedia collages for his Caldecott Honor book, Dave the Potter: Artist, Poet, Slave, written by Laban Carrick Hill.

front jacket from "Dave the Potter, Artist, Poet, Slave"

4 responses to “On the media, both art and viral

  1. Rat Chat Review
    How fantastic 2 purple cartoon rats w/shifty eyes review children’s books!!!

    Using fresh media methods, these “new characters” find another way to reach potential eye balls……how long have these guys been around?

    • Laura,
      Stanley and Morris made their debut into the blogging world in December of 2010. From there, read on! The rest is history.

      I love their voices. They make me miss my former book colleagues back in NYC. It’s possible I may already know them!

  2. Love the videos and other eye opening offerings here. Thanks!

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