Deborah Halverson visits tomorrow!

Deborah Halverson's triplet sons, displaying her latest bookCheck it out!  After ten years as editor at Harcourt, Deborah Halverson left to raise triplet sons (left) while authoring two teen novels, and teaching creative writing at UCSD Extension. She runs the popular writer’s advice website, Dear Editor.  Deborah will share nuggets of wisdom from her latest book, Writing Young Adult Novels for Dummies —plus a remarkable picture book adventure — with us.

Join us! Post a comment tomorrow, and you might win a book!

We are part of her fabulous blog tour! Check out the itinerary, complete with links, here. A terrific review appears here.

And finally, renown author Kathi Appelt gets inspired by her wise cat below. . . .

Hoss (one of author Kathi Appelt's cats), gives a paw's up for WYAFD

'Hoss' Appelt gives a "paw's up" for Deborah Halverson's latest!


2 responses to “Deborah Halverson visits tomorrow!

  1. JOY…thank you for hosting such a fantastic forum. Can’t wait to get my hands on this book! Question for DH: Do you remember where you were when you first realized you were a writer?

    • Hi Laura!
      Thanks for the kind words. So glad you are enjoying the Countdown.

      Tell you what: Would you mind repeating your query on the next page? It’s where Deborah is checking in, and giving responses. And you would be eligible for the random drawing for a free book!


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