Original Art, up close and in person . . .

If you are in the NYC area between now and December 29th, don’t miss the opportunity to see The Original Art Show for this year’s pick of the crop. We’ll also peek at a cross-section of selections here at the Countdown over the next several weeks. Join us, and spread the word!

Illustrator Floyd Cooper writes:

I have a couple of pieces in the show:  One from the book A BEACH TAIL, written by Karen Lynn Williams, published by Boyds Mills Press, and one from the book THESE HANDS, written by Margaret Mason, published by Houghton Mifflin. . .

OK, I just had to check them out .

Seeing the actual art itself provides a unique learning experience for students, art directors, and industry colleagues. Every piece — aside from being exquisite to behold — must be prepared to the highest professional standards for print reproduction. This includes keeping the sizes of each piece within specific size dimensions for drum scanning.

It’s almost impossible to make identical color matches from original art to the print media, though every effort is made to do so.

Here’s one of Floyd’s pieces from the Original Art show. Click on it for larger viewing…

original cover art from "These Hands"

Here is the same piece, in the book itself, with text in position.

Opening spread from "These Hands"

Note the continuity from this spread to the next...

text spread from "These Hands", illustrated by Floyd Cooper

...via those red sneakers.

text spread from "These Hands", illustrated by Floyd Cooper

See that baseball? Note the delight in the boy's eyes...

cover from "These Hands" by Margaret H. Mason, art by Floyd Cooper

Art students benefit by peering further into the art itself, eyeball-to-eyeball with its actual colors and textures. Click to zoom in on  details from  A Beach Tail:

Here’s the full-frame version. Don’t miss the crustacean behind our main character:

Here’s the completed jacket, with type.

Special thanks to Floyd Cooper for sharing his images.

cover from "A Beach Tail" by Karen Lynn Williams, art by Floyd Cooper

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  2. Thanks for visiting, Phillis! 🙂

  3. BEAUTIFUL WORK!! Thanks for posting.

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