The Galapagos, coming in September!

It’s no accident that the books I’m most attracted to tend to sprout from the same imprints. It’s down to about three or four for me. Such is the case with books from Neal Porter of Roaring Brook Press.  On the ALA floor, I was delighted to learn of Jason Chin‘s latest, due out September 18, 2012.

[Jason Chin’s previous book,  Coral Reefs,was among those featured at the most recent Society of Illustrators’ Original Art Show, and here at the Countdown. ]

Island has a firm foundation built upon the best science resources. It is above all a wonder-filled story of epic proportions.

title page spread from "Island"

Title page spread from “Island” [click to enlarge]

Opening page from "Island"

Opening page from “Island”

Jason Chin thrills the reader with the geological and biological processes that led to the Galápagos Islands we know today. He writes:

“…in order to create an engaging story, I have included events and details that are necessarily speculative. . . [but the] island formation, species colonization, and evolution described in this book are real… This story is based on science, but brought to life through my imagination…”

Marveling at how the islands themselves become the central book character brings to mind how my middle-school earth science teacher foisted James Michener‘s novel Hawaii onto my reluctant classmates. He insisted it was required reading in order to  intimately grasp the evolutional concept of violent volcano-formation-to-steamy-landforms; and its turbulence being analogous to the fictional (yet fact-based) generational saga that followed.

Telling larger-than-life story through stranger-than-fiction natural science. How glorious!

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