Original Art 2012, A-to-Z


Are you as curious as I am to get a peek into the latest and greatest children’s book illustrations of 2012, as selected by a jury for the Society of Illustrators Original Art?

My plan is post a few books a day, at intervals, over the next several weeks. Just glimpses, with artist links. I figure it’s handy to see visuals of the selections, all in one place.

This feature is dedicated to my UCSD Extension students, past, present and future. Comments from visitors are welcome, as always!

The judging process is spelled out here. And here (below) is this year’s esteemed jury:

Judges for the 2012 Original Art Show at the Society of Illustrators

Front row: Laurent Linn (OA Advisor), Carson Ellis, Carin Berger, Leonard Marcus, Sophie Blackall (2012 Chair), Brian Floca (OA Assistant Chair). Back row: Zachariah OHora, Marcia Leonard (OA Senior Advisor), Christy Ottaviano, Raúl Colón, Dan Santat

Illustrators featured at Original Art 2012, A-to-Z

Illustrator:   Barroux
Title: My Dog Thinks I’m a Genius


About Barroux / Barroux’s portfolio


(click to enlarge)


(click to enlarge)

Louie loves watching his young master paint, and when the boy puts his finishing touches on a particularly good self-portrait, Louie barks enthusiastically. One day, when the boy is at school, Louie tries his own paw at painting a still life. Is this purely an accident, or is Louie a “genius,” just like his master?


Illustrators:  The Brothers Hilts
Title:  The Insomniacs


About the Brothers Hilts

Interview with the Brothers Hilts @ the 7-Imp blog

Double page spread from THE INSOMNIACS

“But when Mrs. Insomniac found a new job, Mother, Father, and little Mika traveled twelve time zones to their new home.” (click to enlarge)

The Founder’s Award is given to the most promising new talent in the field of children’s book illustration. To be eligible, an artist can have no more than three books published, and his or her work must be juried into the year’s Original Art show. The award carries a cash prize from the Dilys Evans Foundation and a Certificate of Merit from the Society of Illustrators. The 2012 Founder’s Award winners are the Brothers Hilts for The Insomniacs (G.P. Putnam’s Sons).

“Mika wrangled her nighttime pets—an aardvark, an angel shark, a bandicoot and a small-eared zorro frisked in Mika’s room. A fennec fox lived under her bed, and she fed him night beetles.” (Click to enlarge)

The wonder of nighttime comes to life in this breathtaking debut. When the Insomniacs move twelve time zones away for Mrs. Insomniac’s new job, the family has an impossible time adapting to the change. They try everything to fall asleep at night–take hot baths, count to one thousand, sip mugs of milk–but nothing helps. Venturing out into the dark, they learn there is a whole world still awake and a beauty in their new and unconventional schedule.

Illustrator:  Jim Arnosky
Creep and Flutter: The Secret World of
Insects and Spiders


Jim Arnosky’s website

In his fourth stunning nonfiction picture book for Sterling Children’s Books, acclaimed naturalist and illustrator Jim Arnosky brings out the beauty–and the “wow!” and the “yuck!” factors–of hundreds of insects and spiders. Eight spectacular gatefolds show moths and mosquitoes, butterflies and beetles, spiders and silverfish life-size, up-close, and personal!

(click to enlarge)

[Next group posting: Patrick Arrasmith, Amy June Bates, Carin Berger]

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