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4 | Illustrators & SCBWI

Melanie Hope Greenberg: “I’ve served on the SCBWI NY Metro steering committee for over 15 years. I’ve done so many things; sent welcome mailings; write articles for the Tuesday Professional Series (and recently was a speaker for the Series)…” Continue reading


Joy Chu meets Miss Marple!

[The following interview originally appeared in Joanna Marple’s fine children’s literature blog, Miss Marple’s Musings on Sept 2, 2015 — JC] Source: Joy Chu – Illustrator Interview I ‘met’ Joy a couple of years ago through her FB page Got … Continue reading

10 | Recent activities

Speaking of juggling work schedules, please tell us about your recent activities and upcoming events. Melanie Hope Greenberg: I have much on my plate. I recently participated in a few auctions such as Ripple, and the 826LA. I’m donating art … Continue reading

9 | Scheduling

Tell us about a typical day. How much time is devoted to networking? Promotion? Exercise? Working at the drawing board? Do you stick to a schedule? Is there a method to the madness? Melanie Hope Greenberg: By the way, the … Continue reading

8 | On having an agent

Do you have an agent? Melanie Hope Greenberg: I did for a long time, we published 16 picture books together. It’s a relationship and they can change. I might want another agent but currently trying to make the rounds on … Continue reading

7 | On “Mermaids on Parade”

“MERMAIDS ON PARADE was an idea which grew out of community. In 2005, during an author visit at the Brooklyn Central Library. . . .” Continue reading

6 | On using computers

Do you think every children’s book illustrator need to be computer-literate nowadays? If yes, what basics should they know in today’s market? Melanie Hope Greenberg: By the way, both the owner and a chef at Superfine appear in the above … Continue reading

5 | On portfolios

You met with art directors at the Intensive. What did you learn from encountering them? Did they share tips for everyone? Janis Marziotto: I’d like to know more about your process about working your illustrations into someone else’s story. How … Continue reading

3 | On art medium

[The following appeared in Facebook 8/25 to 8/26] What is your favorite medium? Melanie Hope Greenberg: Taught myself using gouache and still love it. Also work with color gel pens for precise details. I started out creating collages. The collages … Continue reading

2 | Getting started

[The following appeared in Facebook  8/21 to 8/24] What drew you to illustrating children’s books? And how did you get started? Melanie Hope Greenberg: I am a self taught artist. When I was young there was no idea I was … Continue reading