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Hurry and visit NOW, before the 23 of November!

The William Cannon Art Gallery is part of the Carlsbad City Library Complex. Its entrance is on the right side of the courtyard, beyond these archways.

That’s me, giving my UCSD students — past and present — a private tour of the Original Art Show at Cannon Art Gallery. I’m pointing out aspects of Carolyn Fisher’s illustration work from Weeds Find A Way by Cindy Jenson-Elliott. photo by Denise Harbison

Why? Because after November 23, 2014 , the traveling exhibit, The Original Art 2013 at the Cannon Art Gallery, in Carlsbad CA will close!

David Diaz checking out the artistry on display at The Original Art

David Diaz checking out the artistry on display at The Original Art
photo by Roxyanne Young

Don’t miss this exhibit! You’ll encounter 40 examples of the best-illustrated books of 2013, from the most talented in the field.

A highlight is the inclusion of published illustrators who happen to live in San Diego and Los Angeles, including Salina Yoon, Debbie Tilley, Andrea Zimmerman & David Clemesha, David Diaz, Janell Cannon, and Robin Preiss Glasser, to name just a few!

Salina Yoon beside her original work from Penguin and Pinecone and Found!  photo by Roxyanne Young

Salina Yoon beside her original work from Penguin and Pinecone and Found!
photo by Roxyanne Young

There’s a dedicated reading corner where you can sit and peruse the books each piece is culled from. Many of the originals include drawings, paintings, prints, etchings, and collagesa rare opportunity to fully appreciate the diversity of creativity applied to these works. Gallery curator Karen McGuire even adhered post-its to corresponding pages of each book, so that visitors can compare the printed result to its original, up-close!

Book trailers are played on a continual loop above the reading corner of the Gallery. photo by Joy Chu

There’s also a video featuring 19 trailers highlighting selected artists on display, broadcast throughout the duration of the exhibit. Don’t miss it — it’s at the reading corner! Here are just a few of the trailers you’d encounter.

IDEA: It’s not too early to order picture books for holiday gift giving! Give everyone you love a children’s picture book. It’s a bazillion times more enduring than a mere Christmas card! There’s something for everyone.

Like this one (below). Yes, Renata Liwska‘s original work is on display at The Cannon Art Gallery too!

Check out the work of Renata, and her multi-talented illustrator colleagues, at the Cannon Art Gallery, before it becomes yet another happy memory.

1775 Dove Lane
Carlsbad, CA 92011
(760) 602-202
Tuesday – Thursday: 9 a.m. – 9 p.m.
Friday – Saturday: 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Sunday: 1 p.m. – 5 p.m.

Illustration by Renata Lewiska; text by Nina Laden

Awestruck by teaching, part deux

Turtle by Andrea Zuill

Turtle by Andrea Zuill

Our story continues with awesome news: One of my students, Andrea Zuill (see Awestruck, part 1), just earned a 2011 Mentorship award at the 40th Society of Children’s Book Writers Summer Conference, alongside five other winners at their Annual Portfolio Showcase.

According to Andrea, it all started with author/illustrator Lori Mitchell recommending she attend SCBWI meetings.  She writes:

“. . . having a portfolio review with David Diaz;  going to your class;  meeting with my critique group; and going to Priscilla Burris‘s (SCBWI-San Diego) portfolio workshop. . . . I can’t believe I won the mentorship!  When I walked into the showcase I started grabbing promotional cards from all of the fantastic illustrators there. . . .  Within minutes of starting the showcase they called the winners’ names, and surreally they called mine!. . . I was totally blown away!”

“I was very excited to meet up with the mentors (E.B. Lewis, David Diaz, Priscilla Burris, Cecilia Yung, and Pat Cummings), soaking up what they had to say, and putting their recommendations into action.

So, today I will be taking the day off.  I am so freakin’ tired (having just returned from the Conference) that I can’t think straight.  But lastly I will say that without your class and advice I would definitely not have gotten as far as I have, so from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU! — Yours in near comatose condition, Andrea”

Read more about the event here. The experiences of last year’s crop of mentees and this year’s are documented here.

Check out Andrea’s website, featuring her winning portfolio, here.

Kudos, Andrea! Here’s a peek at a few of her character studies….

More about teaching adventures to be continued. . .